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Crafticorn Makeover Changes

Crafticorn LGBTQ+

Crafticorn Makeover Changes

As you may have read over on our News page, that Crafticorn is getting some big changes. Some changes have already started to happen, and the main reason for it is to simplify. Facebook has been deactivated, Crafticorn Ravelry group page is closing down September 30th, and there will be very few giveaways now. Unfortunately I can’t keep up with everything, and Facebook and Ravelry wasn’t really getting used. I deeply apologize for any inconvenience this may caused, but there are still ways to get a hold of me! Send me a message here on the Crafticorn website, Instagram, as well as YouTube, message me on my personal Ravelry account, and you can always message me on Etsy.


Let’s talk about the changes that are going to be happening with Crafticorn. Crafticorn is now going to be LGBTQ+ based, meaning most items in the shop are going to be Pride related only. There will be some one of a kind items in the shop, including yarn, fiber, stitch markers, pins, key chains, and dishes. Almost all items in the shop will be Pride only items. Certain bases are going to be no longer available in the shop, limiting the amount of bases I offer. I will also be working on getting cheaper shipping for within Canada. Us and International shipping prices are no where near as expensive. Other changes will include no more goody bags with orders, cutting down the cost to ship as well as the weight. Crafticorn pricing will stay the same for now, until I am off Etsy.


As part of the changes, there is going to be a HUGE sale starting October 1st at 12:00 am EST time, up to 30% off in shop! Grab what you want now before it’s too late! This also includes Mystery Grab Bags that have just been recently added. Anything in the shop that isn’t discounted will be staying. Some of the items you will be able to see on sale includes; stitch markers, yarn, fiber, resin items, pins, key chains, basically everything that isn’t Pride related. Sales will not be happening as often, they will happen on important LGBTQ+ dates. Coupon codes will now be given to newsletter subscribers only, instead of sales. I may still offer one day Flash Sales, so keep your eyes peeled on my Instagram, If you don’t have Instagram, there is Instagram here on the site.

I would just like to thank everyone who supports me and continues to support Crafticorn. It means the world to me to have so much love and support. I wish I could thank every single one of you individually and give you all hugs! You have all helped me to grow not only in my business but as a person as well.


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