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Introduction to Crafticorn

Hello and welcome to Crafticorn!


Let me start by introducing myself and what Crafticorn is all about. My name is Landon, just a 27 year old transguy who loves to craft. I grew up being an artist and musician. Always loved arts, from painting, graphic designing, photography, guitar and singer. The the past 5 almost 6 years I have continued to teach myself many different kinds of crafts. Started by wanting to learn to knit, after knitting for a few months I discovered crochet. Once I taught myself how to crochet I couldn’t stop and had to crochet all the time. Stopped knitting altogether and finally picked it back up earlier this year. After a year and a half I wanted to learn how to spin my own yarn, bought my very first drop spindle kit and picked it up very quickly. I find its therapeutic and relaxing, I try to spin at least twice a week now, for at least an hour. For about 4 years now maybe a little more I’ve been dyeing my own yarn and fiber. Which is probably one of my favorite things to do. I like to make one of kind yarns that you cant find anywhere else, most of my yarns if not all of them will be one of a kind. I only do small batches at one time, makes it more unique. This past year I’ve learned how to needle felt, also started working polymer clay and picked knitting back up again!*Over the past few years, I’ve taught and learned so much and I’m still learning new things everyday. I love everything in the fiber arts world, and hope to one day own my own farm.*

So what does Crafticorn have to offer?

At least once a month I’ll make a Blog post and will be sharing, all my FO’s (finished objects) as well as links to patterns and yarn I used, any current WIP’s (work in progress), and when new items are added to the shop. Items you may find in the shop are Exclusive hand dyed yarn and fiber, hand spun yarn, polymer clay stitch  markers and stitch markers.



3 thoughts on “Introduction to Crafticorn

  1. Hi Landon, I want toi love Your shop!

  2. Hi Landon , What I wanted to say is that I love your shop . My phone keyboard is glitching .

    1. Thank you so very much!!

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