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My LGBTQ+ Story

I am a Transgender male myself, I identify as FTM (Female to Male) and use He/Him pronouns. I found myself just over 2 years now, and am waiting to physically transition. If you watch my podcast, or follow me on Instagram then you probably already know.   I am waiting patiently to go on HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) which I will then be taking Testosterone. I deal with a lot of dysphoria on a daily bases. Binders are not something I can wear on a daily bases, I wish I could though. I can only wear it for a short period of time, due to an old injury as a child to my ribs. Going out in public is super uncomfortable at times, and don’t even get me started on public washrooms lol! But as I have DILLIGAF (Does it look like I give a F***) tattooed on my hand I honor that and live by it as much as I can. Like I try to tell myself and others, you should only care what you think about yourself not others. Live to be who you truly are, and no other.

My Family has yet to figure out or know that I am Transgender, and I’m hoping I’ll work up the courage this year. I grew up in a anti-LGBTQ house hold, very strict Christian family. I came out to my dad when i was 14 as Bisexual, and I got told it wasn’t a real thing and that I can’t like the same gender. More then 13 years later I finally found my true self regardless of what they think. This month my partner and I are hoping to come out to our child. It may be a tough change for them, but sometimes you just can’t lie about who you truly are anymore.

I just want to say thank you to everyone who supports me, and continues to support me through everything I do. It honestly means the world to me, I don’t have a very supportive family, so having a fiber community is everything to me. Please be extra kind this month, not just to LGBTQ+ members but anyone who is also an ally or friend. June is Pride month, which means Love is Love. So share the love to others this month, regardless of their gender, sexuality or race. But please remember to use proper pronouns and preferred names to others.

In honor of Pride Month, let’s come out together! If you come out this month, use #crafticorncomingout



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