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Some Crafty Wash Clothes!

Hey Everyone Mr. Crafticorn here!

A few weeks ago I noticed we needed some new dish clothes. Being my crafty old self I thought buy dish clothes no no no! I’ll just make some.

I came across a great pattern that I wanted to try called 19.Diagonal Moss Stitch in the Knit Stitch Dictionary By:Debbie Tomkies and figured I may as well make a set. I found the other three patterns from Knitpicks, called: Slant dishcloth, ZickZack dishcloth, and Ricochet lace dishcloth

These worked up very quickly ( only took a week of here and there knitting!) and I’m super pleased with the results. Below are some pictures of the set as a whole and the individual patterns.

My favourite here definitely has to be the slant dishcloth, I hope Mrs. Crafticorn enjoys using them! If you like what you see please leave a comment and if you want to try the pattern yourself click individual pictures for links and enjoy!












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